Terra Nova – prologue

French version of this post

The planetoid-class starship Terra Nova was lost in space, it’s grey hull dimly lit by a few remaining sporadic lights. Impacts from meteorites and various stellar objects could be seen on it’s armor plating and it’s dead reactors.

Many generations of passengers have passed away since the launch of Terra Nova from the International orbital station, which was revolving around the mythical Earth.

A million souls embarked back then, during the first days of human Diaspora, five centuries before. Nowadays, a hundred of thousands of passengers barely survive aboard the rusty depths of the giant spaceship.

Order still prevailed over chaos, though, under the iron’s rule of the Regulators and their agents, disseminated within the remaining population.

Denis Law, the man in charge of security in the Neotopia sector, is one of those agents, and he is assisted by Lena Dantes, a young woman with a strong character

But a rumor was reignited of late, that some thought was long ago forgotten: a new promised land was now just within the spaceship’s grasp.

Would the last remnants of human race be able to profit from this new hope and rise again from their ashes? Or is it no more than an illusion, the last troubled mirage of a declining species?